Visionary Yaga | Martynas Prevelis

Visionary Yaga | Martynas Prevelis


Over the past few decades, the world gradually shrank and formed a global community, which might refer to a decline of subcultures movements. It is also supported by the fact, that many subcultures movements were formed in the face of political, economic or social issues, and by far, every year we are experiencing fewer of such events. The western world is a quite peaceful and comfortable place to live, thus, there are fewer reasons to rebel. 

However, over the period, such constructs may uphold ideas vacuum inside the society and adopted public norms could affect individualism and creativity. Despite the huge impact of globalization, communities are still divided into many different layers that either clash or overlap in between. Even inside the music industry, many different genres and sub-genres exist for decades, who formed groups of dedicated followers that in the past experienced a lot of vital confrontations or beautiful gatherings.

Music festivals were always something more than just an event to adore a particular band or artist. People meet there to celebrate culture, diversity, and for most cases – nature. The need to escape everyday routines and spend a few days outside normal life is intriguing, especially, when there are plenty of like-minded people around. It consists merge between many different, sometimes unrelated subjects, that causes astonishing experience for the participants.. 

Yaga Gathering adores above listed values and each year tries to gather many extraordinary artists to perform their unique form of self-expression. From engaging live music acts to eye-catching visual displays, festival environment transforms wild woods to a psychedelic village for the whole weekend, where so-called modern rituals take place.

The festival is very dedicated to visual aspect of it, thus many conceptual decorations and installations will be deployed inside the camp. Valley stage will represent particular borders and it resonates with main fest theme – Witchcraft. It tells a story about conquering the fear of the unknown, about all those ancient witches and alchemists, today’s philosophers and scientists, tomorrow’s urban explorers, and hedonists. Yaga constructed safe environment with lectures, workshops, dances, and meditations to embrace curiosity and freedom.     

Attenders are also invited to participate in the festival with eccentric outfits or interesting workshops and discussions. This year, House of Kulkidz will decorate visitors and embrace Witchcraft among us, people will also be invited to play various body games, craft some candles, catch a dream, draw your inner-self, and basically, do whatever!

That’s the true meaning behind it all. To come and do whatever brings you joy and happiness, as long as it does not harm others and yourself.        

This year, eight stages will keep you in pace and will not allow resting (although it is mandatory, please rest properly). A couple of thousand people will gather to celebrate modern rituals and meet others. Have a chance to do likewise and obtain perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences that could happen during the summer.  


    Yaga Gathering started back in 2003 with a different name – Shambala, which is associated with mystical kingdom somewhere down in Himalayan mountains. Such name accurately responded to the concept of the festival – only a very few knew about it because none publishing took widespread. Later, the festival name was changed to Yaga, which translated from the Sanskrit language means a ceremony of oblation. 

Yaga still remains a niche festival with a major objective to not become a mainstream event and keep international vibe inside the ceremony. Since the beginning of the fest, people are attracted from all around the world because of the unique atmosphere and various engaging activities that happen in workshops, lectures, and music stages.   




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