To create a safe environment for all the participants we call for everyone’s awareness and personal responsibility. All of us must make an effort to make the festival’s environment as safe as possible:

– Act responsibly and make sure your health is fine and you have no fever or any other symptoms of respiratory disease or viral infection. If you notice any of these symptoms, consult a medical professional and do not attend the festival.

– Persons with the above symptoms will not be admitted to the festival area.

– If you will have any of the above symptoms during the festival, isolate yourself in a tent or camper, inform the organizers about the symptoms and wait for help. You will be able to check your body temperature at the gates or at the first aid point.

– When coming to the festival, it is necessary to have a protective face mask with you and use it if necessary. You will find hand sanitizers throughout the festival areas next to the sanitary points, every cafe, bars etc.

– Yaga tribe is international and many are coming from abroad. Before coming, please figure out if you will need to spend 14 days in mandatory isolation. The list of affected countries is updated every Friday and can be found here:

– Tickets for people travelling from abroad who were unable to attend the festival due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic will be valid in 2021.


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