Harm reduction

Harm reduction


Throughout the whole festival, will operate a non-governmental organisations and experts coalitions „Galiu gyventi“ info point. The coalition seeks an effective addiction diseases and related issues problems solving and seeks to create safe and healthy society. Together with the Vilnius Center for Addictive Disorders team of specialists, in harm reduction informational tent will be:

– Provided information about drug use and the risk of injury, especially a new large European transmitted psychotropic substances toxicity;

– Managed help with the temporary use of hallucinogens and stimulants-induced mental disorders (psychosis, depression, panic attacks, generalised anxiety disorder), providing first aid, psychological consultation, referral to further assistance;

– Information about HIV and hepatitis C infections, including sexually transmitted diseases and infections pathways and links with stimulants and other drugs;

– Will be held lectures, discussions about psychotropic substances and the risks of harm reduction programs.

More information: www.galiugyventi.lt


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