Campervan tickets are sold out!

Campervan tickets are sold out!


Campervan tickets for Yaga Gathering 2021 are sold out.

An important rule for campervan parking!
Campervan parking is located near the Pinegrove stage. The number of camper places is very limited and can not be increased. Camper tickets are only valid for campervans and other vehicles will not be let in. If you already purchased a camper ticket hoping to park a vehicle other than a campervan, please email us at with a request to refund it, so eligible campers have enough room.

For the risky who will be coming without pre-arranged camper pass, there MAY BE a very limited possibility to park a camper near ticket gates (not near Pinegrove). If not, the vehicle will be directed to the regular parking ground (about 1km away).


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