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KIDS younger than 12

Free entrance and only with parents. There will be a special “Children area”. Parents should know that they stay responsible for their children at all times.

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Persons under 18 y. o.

Will only be allowed with parents.

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To reduce traffic and provide security at the parking a fee of 15€ per vehicle will be applied. Parking from Saturday midday August 11th (12:00) will cost €10. Cars can only be parked there. The parking area will be secured from Thursday, 9 August 12:00 until Monday, 13 August, 12:00. Parking at the festival site or anywhere in the forest is strickly forbidden (fine will be issued by the forest ranger). Free shuttle bus will transfer you with your luggage to the festival site. Simply follow directions in “how to get there“.

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Campervan ticket will cost €40. Campervan parking is located near chill-out area. To purchase once, get in touch Amount of camper tickets is limited.

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Please refrain from bringing your dogs to the festival. If you decide to do so, please keep your dog on a leash at all times. Festival is growing and more people tend to bring their dogs to the event. This creates a lot of discomfort to many participants and bring safety issues, especially when it comes to children. We kindly ask for your understanding.

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Other tickets, membership and fine print

Yegaveda 2018 membership provides a discount for festival ticket. Membership costs 49 Eur, ticket 80 Eur (without membership). If you are willing to purchase membership or ticket separately, please contact Membership and discounted ticket you can get through presale. Ticket and or memberships fee are non refundable. Organizer reserves a right to change programme of the event without prior announcement.

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Should any questions arise please call feel free to contact us by email or call this number during working hours +37067345943

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