Forest kindergarten programme


7 10:30 10:30 Happy squirrely morning. Morning game to get acquainted with the surroundings.
11:00 Morning circle. Musical improvisation. Musical workshop is implemented using various instruments and nature materials.
12:00 Musical instrument making workshop. “Catch the sound of the rain”.
14:00 Lunch.
15:30 Once upon a time… Fairy tale corner – rest zone.
16:00 Let’s spruce up. Body painting and jewelry.
17:00 Dream catcher workshop.
18:30 Game time. Let your imagination run wild.
20:00 The End


8 10:30 Happy squirrely morning. Morning games.
11:00 Morning circle.
11:30 Happy kids yoga.
12:30 Bow workshop. We will make our own bows. It’s so cool to play Indians, or just shoot arrows to a target.
14:00 Lunch
14:30 Once upon a time…
15:00 Boat workshop „I will catch the wind“. We will learn how to make small boats from natural materials and then let them sail to the big waters.
17:00 Amulet workshop. We will learn to create amulets inspired by nature.
18:30 Diner
19:00 Game time. Let your imagination run wild.
20:00 The end

*Make sure children have snacks
*We will take care of all the necessary measures for kids workshops


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